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Cheating Spouse Investigation in Ohio

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you probably have a logical suspicion which supports the possibility of infidelity in your relationship. We understand that your suspicion of an extramarital affair can cause anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, frustration and insecurity. The situation may also affect your personal life and career.

We understand that you want answers, you want the truth, and you want them now.

Private investigator for  infidelity or cheating spouse OhioBased on our experience with cheating spouse investigations, it will be to your disadvantage to confront your spouse unless you have sufficient evidence of infidelity that can not be refuted. It will be in your very best interest to obtain substantial proof that your spouse is cheating prior to confronting your spouse regarding their affair.

Confronting your spouse without proof may force them to become more discreet with their extramarital activity. This will make it more difficult for you to ascertain the truth. Our experience in this field has clearly proven that most cheating spouses have one thing in common: when confronted they remain in denial until evidence of their affair has been presented.

Our private investigative agency has been conducting cheating spouse investigations in Ohio since 1988. We have the surveillance experience, investigative knowledge and technology to assist you in uncovering the truth.

You may contact our office for a free consultation. All inquiries with our agency are discreet and confidential. We will assess your case and develop an investigative strategy tailored specifically to your situation.

Identifying the Cheating Spouse

Telltale signs of a cheating husband or cheating wife.

Here are some circumstances that our agency often encounters which indicate that a spouse may be cheating.

Marital infidelity OhioThere may be changes in your spouse’s daily routine, work schedule, or a decrease in time spent with you and your family. They may begin to loose interest and enthusiasm in social or recreational events that you usually attend together.

A cheating spouse may attempt to discourage you from attending work related functions or social events with them. You may see an increase in their “out of town” business trips. They may not be as far out of town as they have led you to believe.

Your cheating husband / cheating wife may become increasingly discreet and vague when speaking on the telephone in your presence. They may speak quietly or leave the room when speaking on the phone. They frequently delete their telephone call history, develop frequent text messaging habits, or purchase a new cellular telephone without telling you or having a reasonable explanation for its necessity. Your telephone bill may reflect unexplained tolls, or unfamiliar telephone numbers which are being called, or are calling in. Your spouse may not return your telephone calls in a timely manner.

Catch cheating spouse in OhioTheir interest in sex (with you) may decrease, or they may make excuses for its infrequency. They may be reluctant to kiss or be affectionate with you and they may criticize you for showing affection towards them. Cheating spouses often take showers immediately after arriving at home.

They may develop a new and unusual interest in their physical appearance. A change in hair style, a change in their clothing fashion, excessive fragrance, they may begin to wear new jewelry that they have never had an interest in before.They often develop an increased interest in frequent exercise to build or tone muscle, or to loose weight. Husbands who are cheaters will often to shave hair on their body that they previously did not groom.

Internet social networking and chat rooms are two other red flags that indicate the potential for, or the possibility of an affair outside of the marriage. You may notice an increase in their internet usage. Your spouse may use the computer late at night when you are sleeping. It is common for the cheating spouse to consistently delete their internet browsing history from the computer. They begin to check their e-mail more often than usual. You may discover that they have another e-mail address that you were not aware of. They may add password protection to their computer access, or restrict access to the computer.


Evidence you should search for:

Cheating spouse investigation in OhioLook for suspicious items in their vehicle such as unfamiliar hair, cigarettes, traces or smears of lipstick and makeup, chewing gum, condoms, birth control pills, travel notions, a change of clothes, suspicious notes, written phone numbers, receipts, unusual fragrances, or information regarding hotels, night clubs, restaurants, female revue bars and late night lounges that you are not familiar with. Check to see if the seats in the vehicle have been readjusted to positions which are not suitable for you and other family members.

Extramarital affairs cost MONEY! Review your banking statements to see if there have been any suspicious withdrawals from your bank accounts. Look for canceled checks payable to cash. During a holiday season pay close attention to your financial statements and ATM withdrawal receipts. Determine if there are any large or unexplained withdrawals and take into consideration the date, time, location and amount of each withdrawal.

Review your credit card statements and look for any unusual charges made at businesses that you are not familiar with or businesses such as florists, boutiques, candy stores, jewelry stores, specialty stores, spas, lingerie stores, sporting events, night clubs, hotels and restaurants. Check your spouse’s vehicle, overcoat, clothing pockets, briefcase, handbag, wallet, desk drawers and other locations where you may possibly find sales receipts.

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